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Pi-core player is based on micro-core linux and the download is only 55mb!

I decided to use pi-core player as it uses the squeezelite player, if you are using Logitech Media Server on your network, this is the easiest method to get you playing your music collection.  The interface is great as it's controlled via a webpage instead of having to connect to your raspberry pi using ssh, much better if you don't like the command line.

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Setting up and using Logitech Media Server

This article shows how to point LMS to your music collection stored on either a computer or NAS (Network Attached Storage).

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Install Squeezeplug on the SD card

The first step to setting up the music streamer is to prepare the SD card.

You will need a computer with an SD card slot or have a USB SD card reader

Steps for Windows & Mac:

1.  Download the squeezeplug image for the hifiberry from the following site

Grab the latest version for the Raspberry Pi


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