HifiBerry DAC & Black Case - £ 90.00

Black Hifiberry

This is the Hifiberry music streamer housed in a gloss black plastic case.

Light pipes fitted to show the status leds on the top. Uses Raspberry Pi Model B.

This network music is a squeezebox replacement or addition to the Logitech range.

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IQAudIO Pi-Amp+ - £ 150.00

Integrated Class D 2x20W Amplifier and 24Bit DAC

New Low Price - Limited Offer

Amazing Hi-Fi Sound from a tiny hi-fi combined unit. Just add speakers, will happily power floor standers!

Roughly 4"x3"x3". Comes in clear smoked acrylic case.

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IQAudio Pi-AMP+ - £ 80

The Pi-AMP+ is a remarkable 2x20W Class D amplifier, it's beautifully balanced sound is suited to all genres and can replace your bulky seperates amplifier unless you like your music very LOUD!

The PI-AMP+ is compatible with the Raspberry Pi B+ and the Pi Model 2.

Included in this package is:

Pi-AMP+ Amplifier

Power supply (kettle lead)

PI-AMP+ Clear Case


IQaudIO Pi-Dac+ - £ 115.00

Hi-Res Capable Audio Streaming Player

Very capable music player with built in headphone amplifier.  Can be used as a music streamer with Logitech Media Server to add to your existing squeezebox ecosystem.  When used with software such as squeezelite or pi-coreplayer the streamer will appear as another squeezebox player to sync or use independently.

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IQAudio Pi-DAC+ - £ 25

IQAudio Pi-DAC+

24 Bit 192khz Burr Brown PCM5122 Dac

This DAC is the perfect add on to a Raspberry Pi B+, A+ or Raspberry Pi 2

Also has onboard headphone amplifier

Connect to an external amplifier or the Pi-AMP+ 2 x 20w amp

Sounds fantastic with Bookshelf or Floorstanding speakers

Large Multiroom Audio pkg - £ 0.00

Multi-room audio service

This is a bespoke package tailored for your home or business which includes everything you need to stream music wirelessly or via ethernet to your hi-fi zones in your home or business.  The music players can be pre-configured to be as plug 'n' play as possible, however remote support and installation is included in this service.

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