Vortexbox servers are small low powered servers running software using the Fedora Linux Operating system.

These servers are used to rip all of your physical media such as CD's, DVD's and Bluray discs!  The server has software such as Logitech Media Server running to host your cd collection on your home network.  It also has ripping software such as cd paranoia to give you extremely accurate rips in Flac(lossless) and/or MP3 format or even Alac(Apple Lossless Audio Codec).

NAS Drives

NAS drives are a safe way of storing all your Audio and Video rips.  If you want to be really safe you can have 2 harddrives in the NAS forming a RAID array, this simply creates a mirror image of both harddrives.  Of course if you simply want one drive in your two bay NAS you can, or just use a single bay NAS.


Raid is a form of backup, i.e. your data is replicated on a second harddrive in raid array 0.  Either harddrive can be replaced if they become corrupt.

Streaming Audio

We provide a range of Audio Streaming products that are dedicated to the innovative and brilliant but discontinued Logitech Squeezebox Players.

The players we sell are a replacement or addition to your existing Logitech Players.  They can be controlled using the same apps as your Logitech players use and can be synced in the same fashion.


We are now able to offer customised routers for media streaming, vpn's( Virtual Private Networks) with content filtering, parental controls and a whole host of other features not offered from your bog standard router provided by your ISP.

The router can be customised with features that you require, based on OpenWrt or Gargoyle firmware.

  1. Gain greater control over what your children view online and the hours they view it.  Even monitor the websites your children visit
  2. Have a more secure router with custom dns servers enabled to prevent phishing attacks, block adult content and other malware found on dubious websites
  3. Encrypt web requests when entering internet addresses in your browser.  These requests are the most vulnerable and are succeptible to man in the middle attacks.  Encryption can be set up directly on the router
  4. Generally make your router more secure with a secure(https) web interface
  5. Impose quotas on your network for your children or throttle your network for greater bandwidth control.  Even set access times for different devices in your home
  6. Block forbidden websites
  7. Replace your existing cable router or use in conjunction with it or an asdl modem router.  If connected to your existing router you can have a double firewall for extra security