It's the Rocki Horror Music Show!

I have a keen eye on the music streaming scene and when the rocki player first came on my radar several months ago i was indeed interested in what the little player could achieve for such a small price!

A couple of months ago someone gave me a Rocki Music Player to test, he didn't say anything else.

Rocki Music Streamer


BBC iPlayer is back for the Squeezebox!


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Install OpenVPN on a Raspberry Pi or Router


Why install OpenVPN?

The purpose of installing a VPN was to access my music library when i was away from home.  If i wanted to play music while i'm at a friends house and connected to their Logitech Media Server then i can.  I can also show them what a great music collection i have!

As well as that i can access any of my files on my home network and connect securely to an IP camera, control other devices on my home network such as lights and heating or access my home printer.