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The HifiBerry DAC (Now in stock)

Well the Hifiberry DAC for the raspberry pi has finally arrived from Switzerland, so let's give it a blast through my hifi!  Now normally i would listen to my music collection using my Squeezebox Touch and tablet/smartphone, however this clever addon for the pi can turn this little fella into a headless squeezebox!

As the squeezebox touch has now been discontinued by Logitech, i was very interested to see how this DAC performed.  The onboard DAC fitted to the raspberry pi is a 24bit Burr Brown capable of playing up to 24bit/192khz hires audio.  So for hifi lovers like myself out there i couldn't resist trying this out especially as i'm a tinkerer of all things electronic, just ask my wife!  The only thing that is missing now is a case, a standard case for the raspberry pi will not fit as there are two RCA connectors coming from the DAC which sits on top of the Raspberry pi.

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