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The Hi-Res Streaming Service

'Music is Back in High Definition'


Firstly, prior to this article i have not contemplated subscribing to a service that costs £19.99 per month, but when i bought tickets to the National Audio Show in Northamptonshire i was tempted with a free momthly trial.

First step was to activate the plugin in Logitech Media server(LMS), then reboot.

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Installers of digital music streaming systems enabling you to listen to music anywhere in your home on a variety of different devices e.g. smartphone, television or hi-fi.

Examples of different streaming solutions are the logitech squeezebox range, sonos range and xbmc setups.

We also install and advise on high end audiophile hi-fi components that take advantage of hi-res music formats such as FLAC format to integrate with the above systems.

Provide advice on how to rip your existing cd collection to store on your new digital server.

Screenshot of Orange Squeeze Android App for Logitech Squeezebox

Orange Squeeze Remote

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