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How do I get my music collection on computer or a hard drive?

Use ripping software on your pc if it has a cd drive, software is available on windows, mac osx and linux. Alternatively use a vortexbox server which rips your cd's automatically and takes the worry out of the process.

Is it complicated to setup as i'm not a techie?


No because I do the setup or install free of charge, using remote support applications


What does this sound like, I can buy an all in one solution like sonos for £70 extra?


This is a very well thoughout piece of audiophile hi-fi equipment, which uses I2S technology which accesses music at the kernel level, meaning it accesses digital music at the hardware level with minimal operating system processes running to produce a bit perfect playback with extremely low levels of distortion. The result is a sound quality rivalling hi-end hifi equipment costing many times the price of a raspberry pi based player!


What other equipment do I need to listen to streaming music?


Ideally if you already have hifi equipment in your home and a set of old speakers or new speakers. You will need a set of active speakers which have their own amplifier such as accoustic energy aego 2.1 or a seperate amplifier, and speakers. You will also need a wireless access point to connect your smartphone to your music library stored on your network. Most homes already have at least some of these items. You will need a computer to store and server your music on.


Do I need to run Logitech Media server?


No you don't, but this is a mature piece of software written by slimdevices who made the original Squeezebox music players which our music streamers are based on. This was developed as open source by slimdevices under the GNU licence and is constantly being updated to cater for the growing numbers of squeezeboz owners that prefer this ecosystem to other available commercial systems.

You can always use an MPD(Music Player Daemon) operating system such as Volumio which runs in a web browser. There is not as much functionality though as LMS as this is still a maturing product which is relatively young still.


How do I add more music to my collection?


The easiest way is to use a Vortexbox music server that will automatically rip and encode your compact discs for you, all you do is insert your disc into the server. Otherwise use a laptop or pc running ripping software such as exact audio copy for Windows or asunder for Linux.


How do I listen to BBCiplayer, spotify, deezer, qobuz and other streaming services?


You will need to Run Logitech Media Server on a pc/laptop/nasdrive or small microcomputer such as a raspberry pi or an odroid u3 microcomputer.


This sounds too complicated


Let Digital Livingroom install, design and configure your system for you. With this bespoke service I offer free remote support to iron out any disruptions you may have with your system. I offer a speedy service to get you listening to your music again in a short period of time.


I want a multi-room system that is discrete and smart for my business, restaurant or club


We deal with multi-room systems for businesses and will provide a consultancy type service to our customers to achieve the high standards demanded by our customers. With that in mind we will design a system perfect for your requirements and budget, giving you the best possible value for money, whilst achieving hi-resolution audio playback whatever your business needs are. We will recommend the best hi-fi products available to partner with our digital music streamers.

If you want something other than our bespoke music players then please let us know as we install a wide range of audio streaming products.


What if I try it and it's not what I want?


We are so confident that you will like the streamers we make that we offer a 30 day back money back guarantee.


Why buy one of our streamers?


There are so many reasons why they are the perfect audio streaming device, here are just a few:

  • Capable of playing back 24bit/192khz hi-resoltion audio files

  • Hi-resolution audio services will be growing in number and more services such as Qobuz will becoming prevalent over compressed formats such as MP3, our players are already future proof to handle hi-res audio.

  • Many internet streaming services are available already such as Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz, Bbciplayer are available as plugins in Logitech media server

  • Catch up on the last 7 days worth of BBC Radio programs with BBCiplayer

  • Listen to thousands of internet radio stations and podcasts

  • Small and discrete, have on display or tuck away

  • Deezer has a free account which has lots of channels available such as Musical, Kids Radio, Movie & TV soundtracks and smart playlists to play your favaourite artists all for free!

  • Our players do all and more that other commercial offerings have

  • If you have existing Logitech Squeezebox players then simply group them together or use them independently. Players can be synchronised if they are grouped to play music without any latency in multiple zones in your home/business. Different zones can also play independently of one another.

  • Volume can also be controlled by a phone/tablet and can be muted when your phone rings.

  • This is a modular system, so any part can be upgraded at any time if you're not completely satisfied with your sound. This means you can try a different amplifier, upgrade your speakers etc. With other wireless systems they may supply you with an all in-one speaker, which may satisfy your initial cravings but in the long run can leave you wanting more, meaning proper hifi sound. This means they can be used at the entry level hifi enthusiast right up to high-end hi-fi equipment costing £,000's.

  • Free remote support for installations, configuration and troubleshooting. Just ring 01633 509771


I have already downloaded music from Amazon or Itunes etc..., can I use these audio files?


Yes you can simply transfer the files to your computer, nas drive or vortexbox by copying onto a usb hard disk drive or copying over the network using FTP(File Transfer Program).


What are IP Security Cameras and how do they work?


Ip Camera stands for Internet Protocol, so the camera will connect to your computer network via a cable(Ethernet) eg. Cat 5e or Cat 6 or using wireless. They are configured using a web interface and allow you to watch your property or business using the internet if you are away from your home/business premises. It is in short a type of CCTV system.


What can an IP Camera do for me?


They can act as a motion detector or an alarm system, meaning they will activate when they detect movement in your home. When the camera detects movement they can be programmed to email yourself and several friends alerting them to movement. Depending on how you set the camera up you can take photos or video when motion is detected.

This means your friends/family and yourself can be emailed with pictures of a potential intruder or suspicious activity in real time. This equates to a silent alarm system that will alert neighbours or friends who can investigate on your behalf.

Whilst you are asleep or away from your home/business, you can also set up the camera to record video of any activity, meaning you have a silent security guard working for you whenever you program the camera to operate.

Keep an eye on your home whilst you go on holiday, log into your internet camera from an internet cafe or hotel and type in your security details to logon and tilt and pan around your property to inspect it.


Do these cameras work at night?


IP Cameras come in different varieties, but yes there are night vision cameras with infra-red lights that will give you night vision upto 30 ft and will do all of the above.


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