A headless(no screen) music player controlled by android or apple tablets/phones

Hifiberry DAC connects directly to raspberry pi

Available in cool clear case now from the store

Custom case available very soon!

Connects to home router or access point

Connects to powered speakers using phono plugs or direct to your amplifier

Wireless or ethernet network connection

Fantastic hi-fi audiophile capable system dependant on speakers and hifi system

Capable of hi-res audio playback up to 24bit/192khz

Plays all audio formats - mp3, flac, alac, wav, ogg vorbis etc.

Phone or tablet can be used while listening to music eg.web browsing

Music pauses when phone rings

Plugins available such as bbc iplayer, spotify, deezer & lots more

Listen to Internet radio stations all over the world

Tiny power output uses a 5v phone charger

Shairport player allows music playback from apple iphone or ipad

Music stored on attached usb harddrive/stick or network harddrive(NAS)

Integrates with your other logitech squeezebox players

Can be used as a multi-room playback system that can be synchronised or players can stream independently

Volume controlled from apple or android software

Endorsed by readers of What-Hifi Sound and Vision magazine - see here


Squeezeplug os with squeezelite player

Phone or tablet software

Apple - ipeng

Android - squeezecommander or orangesqueeze

Server software:

Logitech Media Server - can be installed on raspberry pi if no network harddrive (NAS) exists.


Music player can be setup by the digital livingroom according to individual requirements and remote support can be provided to ensure that you are playing music straight away!

Advanced Setup Info:

Can use MPD client software such as volumio

Can use squeezeplug software for many options and different media server installations such as LMS(Logitech Media Server), Squeezelite client software, Shairport for sharing music using Apple devices.  Mediatomb to act as a complete media server solution for both audio and video, a DLNA compliant server.

SSH access for installation and configuration

Uses i2s DAC - see volumio report here

Wireless capability for better quality audio output