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  • Vortexbox

    The Vortexbox is the hub of your home entertainment system.

    Once plugged into the network, this intelligent device will manage all your film & music library.

    Shares to network streamers such as HifiBerry, Pi-DAC, Sonos, Naim, Linn & more.

    Just pop in the cd, dvd or bluray disc and the disc will eject upon completion.

    The perfect all in one storage and management system for your discs!

  • RippingEncoding

    Ripping Your Media Collection

    The process of transferring your movies and music collection to a harddrive for storage and accessibiltity is called ripping and encoding.

    Ripping is the process of extracting the raw data from your physical discs.

    Encoding is taking the raw data and transcoding into a format readable by your network players and the software that runs on them.  Some form of compression usually takes place during the encoding process e.g encoding to MP3, Flac, Mkv files.

    You can undertake this task on a pc or laptop using specialist software or have a dedicated server like a vortexbox to do this for you.