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If you do not have a home network, it is our job to assess your needs and plan your network installation for you.  If you simply want to upgrade your existing network or add wireless functionality again that is no problem.

We can advise on your complete setup including hardware, installation and location of equipment in your home to give you the best access of your home network for your individual needs.

 You may need wireless access to use handheld devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets in all areas of your home .  We provide you with an initial assessment of your requirements that will allow us to plan your installation for you.

Example of a Home Installation

Most home networks consist of at least one cable or asdl router, this is fine if you want to browse the internet on your laptop, phone or tablet and want a wired connection to a pc in the same room as your router.

If you want more versatility, i.e. you want a secure wired connection in one or more rooms, then additional ethernet sockets can be installed.  We would use either cat5e or cat6 cables to distribute large files quickly around your home or stream hi-def video to your media players.

Sometimes your one wireless router may not be enough to cover your house, you may need an extra access point to extend your range.  Also sometimes you may need an extra router or access point to an outside building where it's not practical to run a cable.  In this situation you may want an access point(simply to access the internet, not connect to devices on your home network!) or for more versatility you may require a repeater bridge to give you the extension of your home network without the network cable running between devices.

With a repeater bridge, you could have access to your home network e.g. if you were working in an out building you could still use network printers and other devices on the main network.

Virtual Private Network(VPN)

A virtual private network extends the home/business even farther from your premises.  With a VPN you get an encrypted connection to your home/business whereever you are in the world!

VPN's typically have 1024 or 2048 bit encyption, using private and public keys.  This means that you will have a private key to authenticate you when you connect to your home/business.  You may also have a password set to open the private key before connection, this ensures if your private key does get compromised/stolen then the thief will also need to know your password!

We can install vpn software on the routers that we supply or on additional computers connected to your main network.  Either method will allow you to be connected securely over an encrypted tunnel to your home/business.

Software can be installed on your mobile phone and laptop/pc's to connect to your home network/business.  Once setup it is very easy to connect to your home or business from a remote location where you have internet access.  You then have secure remote access to all your network devices in your home/business.

Wi-fi Hotspots

Another advantage is that you will also have a free secure encrypted tunnel to the internet in coffee shops, banks or hotels where wifi hotspots are typically unencrypted.  This means you can safely bank or shop online when you are out by connecting to your vpn at home, preventing other hotspot users from intercepting or sniffing your connections.

Internet safety

We take networking security very seriously and we want to protect our clients using the best possible hardware and software.  With this in mind we use methods to prevent phishing, increase the speed of your web browsing, use third party dns servers that are more secure and reliable than those of your isp.  The third party dns servers also provide parental controls and customised web content filtering - perfect for younger children in your household.

We also offer routers which have built in parental controls and web monitoring software which will

  1. Limit the time your children are allowed to spend on the internet using various devices in your home
  2. You can even monitor the websites that your children are browsing without having to be in the same room as them
  3. Provide QOS(Quality of service) for your home network by limiting the bandwith to your children at certain times of the day or to certain devices, ensuring other devices have adequate bandwidth for internet streaming.  You may want BBcIplayer or Netflix in your livingroom to take priority over your child streaming youtube content to their tablet in the evening!


Above all we offer a service where a combination of the above will -

  1. Ensure your children browse the net with safety, knowing that they can't access any adult content that is inappropriate or harmful.
  2. Keep a closer eye on your childrens browsing habits to give you peace of mind
  3. Connect to a safer internet with a few tweaks of your home network and/or a customised router that we can install and configure for ultimate safety
  4. Provide encrypted web requests from your home router to prevent man in the middle attacks, giving you even more peace of mind!  All web requests to a dns server such as your ISP's are insecure, meaning these can be read by a third party.  So even if you connect to your bank which is encryted, before you get to the bank website, your request could be intercepted and redirected to a malicious website with the sole intent on stealing your credentials.







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