Multiroom HifiBerry Amp Installation


The Project:

HifiBerry Amp


To supply the customer with a HifiBerry Amp to provide music in his kitchen.  The amp would connect to Logitech Media Server running on a Western Digital NAS drive and would feed some 6w ceiling speakers.  The HifiBerry Amp measuring approx 4"x3"x3" provides 2x20w using a 12v power supply.

After trialling the Amp in the kitchen, the customer would install the HifiBerry Amp in three other zones to include the study, landing and bedroom.

Finally to install a HifiBerry Digi player to connect to a receiver in the Livingroom via optical output or coaxial from the HifiBerry Digi.

Setting up the Kitchen player

After listening to the results with the kitchen zone player/amp he was amazed with the sound coming from the small speakers.  He still wasn't happy that the ceiling speakers were producing enough bass, so the customer asked if we could install an equaliser for the player.  The equaliser was installed which produced a much better sound which delighted the customer.

Therefore the players for the 3 remaining zones were ordered with the same setup and the equaliser option to fine tune the remaining 3 pairs of ceiling speakers.  The players were all configured to be played wirelessly connecting to a wireless access point.

Customers Opinion


 "When i Heard about the HifiBerry Amp, i asked Digital Livingroom if they would be able to get one for me.  I have a large house with ceiling speakers installed throughout which were left from a previous owner.

I thought the HifiBerry would be ideal to hide away in a utility cupboard to control 4 zones in my home.  I was very happy with the sound, but i wanted more bass from the 6w ceiling speakers.  After getting the equaliser setup on the players and tuning the bass, i was blown away with the result!

I now have multiroom audio in my home, all controlled wirelessly using Ipeng on my Ipad at a fraction of the price of a Sonos system which doesn't even play Hi-res files and have BBcIplayer for a start!"

Nick, Kent 07/12/2014